Lets talk for a few minutes.

You pay me. You pay us. You pay with your companies money for our thoughts and our services. But you pay! You pay with money that needs to yield results, for YOUR benefit.

So then why do you multitask in every meeting? Why do you check and respond to email? Why do you scan Facebook on your phone? Why don't you just move the meeting if those things take priority?

It's not a big deal. I... We.. have time. You can reschedule the meeting.

The issue is.. YOU. You're not available. Your days are filled with meetings, because you are multitasking. Yes, because you don't pay attention in any meeting, you need to have three meetings on the same topic to deliver an outcome. Sorry for being honest!

In the last meeting we had, we delivered an insight that saved your entire team. You made a decision and then couldn't backup the results. We found your bosses "findings" to be flawed, showed why, and then proved that you increased revenue 147%.


In the meeting, we could hear you typing. And when we showed those stats your faces were blank. The shuttle glow of the screen on your cheeks. You had to respond to that email. Right? Again, please move the meeting!

Because 18 minutes later, you thought you heard a stat that the CEO would find interesting, and ask a question about. Yes, HI! I'm your consultant, and we just found a direct revenue contribution from those website changes your team implemented. Your welcome!

So, I say again. I LOVE you! Thank you for the business. But close your laptop and turn over your phone. You are paying for this meeting. Fire us if we don't provide value, but when we do, please don't make me talk to thin air and then repeat myself.

We have time. If you have another priority, please reschedule the meeting.